We are here, we are queer and we won’t disappear, 2022

Documentary, LGBTQ+
Produced by Incitus Films
Function: DOP

We meet Jan Elisabeth Lindvik, Begard Reza, Kaltham Alexander Lie, Inge Aas among others, who tell their personal stories about life as a queer in Norway. In June 2022 a terrorist attacked a well-known gay bar in the center of Oslo. This documentary shows how the attack changed their lives.

Løvetannsøstre, 2022

Documentary film and installation
Function: Director and cinematographer

Produced during a period of one year as a result of the strict steps governments in many countries implemented in February – June 2020. The project tells a story of friendship. The finished film will be distributed online. It’s in a collaboration with The National Library of Norway.

Give me your haram, 2021

Documentary, LGBTQ+
Produced by PurpleDragons
Function: Director and DOP

“I’m Sassy. Let me tell you my story.”

I document Sassy as he prepares for his show as Sassy Allure, playing his original songs in drag for the very first time.

Raspberry1508™, 2021

Feature film, sci-fi/drama
Produced by PurpleDragons
Function: Director and DOP

“Welcome to the MetaMorph Clinic, where happiness is within reach for all.”

Set in the near future, we meet Raspberry1508, her roommate Mango2203, their doctor, and fellow clients in a wonderful spa called MetaMorph Clinic. They are all members of a society that wants everyone to become The Perfect Human to experience Total Happiness. The MetaMorph pampers the most willing subjects into perfection. But something isn’t right…

De svakeste blant oss / The weakest among us, 2021

Dokumentary film
Produced by Nadina Helen Bakos and Karoline Frogner
Function: Producer and DOP

On October 28th, Anniken Hauglie, the Norwegian Minister of Labour and Social Affairs announced that 86 people had been wrongly convicted for social security frauds. This was in breach of the EEA Agreement. The Norwegian government decided to establish a Commission of Inquiry and promised to “turn every stone”.

Now in February 2021, only one case has been retrial in court. 85 people are still waiting, and this film tells their stories.

Ikke synd på mamma, 2021

Short film for children, post-production.
Produced by PurpleDragons
Function: DOP

A teenage girl Louise, tries to navigate her life as her narcissistic mother manipulates her. Louise finds comfort in unconventional places and people.

Bring Down The House, 2021

Web-series (Season 1: 10 episodes), post-production.
Produced by PurpleDragons
Function: Showrunner

Set in the 90s, a young woman opens a club with male dancers, opinionated staff, and incorrigible guests in the poshest area of Oslo, Norway. What can go wrong?

Vi er alle Rwandere – fra folkemord til fornektelse, 2021

Documentary film
Directed by Karoline Frogner and Emanuel Frogner
Function: Cinematographer

When Karoline traveled to Rwanda for the first time in 2012 and interviewed survivors of the genocide in Rwanda, she started on a long journey to document and tell the stories of the people she met there, and later the challenges she faced in Norway.

Da Kvinnen Kom til Verden / Misogyny, 2020

Short animation film
Directed by Anne Kjersti Bjørn
Function: Co-producer and Cinematographer

In «When Woman Came to Earth» we meet Sofia and Clara after their participation in the demonstration «Slutwalk». The Film’s main and larger than life Characters Eva and Simone de Beauvoir are horrified that the young women call themselves «Bitch» and «Slut» both in the manner and on their demo banners. Eva invites Sofia and Clara to a mythical lesson and brings them to Olympen one of Oslos oldest bars where they meet the Greek gods and the myths about « The Expulsion from Paradise», «Pandoras Box» and  «The Apple of Contention». René Descartes has lost his body and is a patient of Sigmund Freud. Adam arrives and Eva has an unexpected surprise.

Magic Number Twelve, 2019

Short film
Produced by PurpleDragons
Function: Scriptwriter and Director

It’s a summer holiday, and a young woman visits her older sister. One of them has tragic news to share but don’t know how to. They discover it’s difficult to communicate when they belong in different realities.

Magic Number Twelve is a short film that questions how people perceive reality and how to know when your experience is real.

Hode, skulder, kne og tå, 2019

Short film
Director: Camilla Roman
Function: Cinematographer
Screened: BridgeFest, Point Of View Indie Film Awards, Accord Cine Fest, Grønnskjerm in Oslo.

Two fathers meet while waiting for their children’s teacher. They discover things the didn’t know about each other and the situation becomes awkward. Hode, skulder, kne og tå is a short film about prejudices.

Perfekte Vegger, 2018

Short film
Director: Camilla Moen-Nilsen
Function: Cinematographer

Perfekte vegger is about elleven-year-old girl Julia who lives together with her father. Julia’s mother passed away several years ago and since then it’s been just the two of them. Then Julia discovers the big secret they kept from her.

A place in the sun, 2017

Short film
Produced by PurpleDragons
Function: Scriptwriter and Director
Screened: German United Film Festival

In a city that could be almost anywhere in the world, a young girl has to leave the apartment where she has stayed for the last weeks. Trying to find a place to stay for the night, Kim calls several friends but nobody wants to help her out.

In a park, she meets Soraya, an older homeless woman. She offers Kim a solution.

Ei Natt / A Night, 2017

Short film
Produced by PurpleDragons
Function: Cinematographer
Screened: Festival de Alicante, FINCORTEX, TOMA. Bought by NFI for filmbib.no.

A Night is a dark and claustrophobic short film that borders on art film. The story is built up non-chronologically with small pieces of the protagonist’s journey. The filmmaker wants to convey how a crisis leads to people fleeing in desperation, far away from the conflict as quickly as possible, without time to plan or think about the consequences. The consequences of running neck overhead into the unknown are revealed gradually as time goes by.

Locking doors, hiding and refinding keys, 2013

Installation with 3 experimental videos
Directed by Elisabeth Werp
Function: Co-director, Cinematographer and Editor
Screened: Stenersenmuseet, Blaafarveverket og utendørs i Firenze.

Locking doors, hiding, and refinding keys consists of three experimental films that shows fragments of conversations, images, faces, birds, performance, water, snow, and abandoned buildings.

How close is close enough?, 2012

Installation with film, lights and origami flowers.
In collaboration with Viviann Alexandra Knutsen

Personal, close-up stories tend to touch us. But how close is close enough, and how does it affect us when we are served people’s personal pain and sufferings straight in the face?

Ekko, 2008

Short experimental film
Directed by Elisabeth Werp
Function: Co-director, Cinematographer and Editor
Screened: Stenersenmuseet, Galleri Trafo.

Locking doors, hiding, and refinding keys consists of three experimental films that show fragments of conversations, images, faces, birds, performance, water, snow, and abandoned buildings.

Børre og Mona, 2006

Short documentary
Co-director, Cinematographer, and Editor
In collaboration with Odd-Geir Sæther
Screened: Klingeberg kino, dagbladet.no.

“Børre og Mona” is a short documentary about sweethearts with a dog, Odd-Geir photographed on the streets of Oslo in 1997. 9 years later we try to find them again. This is the story of what happened to Børre and Mona.