I study people to get to know them better and perhaps learn some of their secrets and dreams in life. I want to show the beauty in everyday life that we often forget to appreciate. I create artworks that tell stories of courage, passion, friendship, empowerment, diversity, and impact. I’m a URBEXER, street artist and creator of digital art (nft).

Welcome to my online gallery and art shop.

My works from 2002 until 2021

Raspberry1508™, 2021

Feature film, sci-fi
Director and DOP

Bring Down The House, 2021

Comedy web series, Season 1

I am Sassy – a stiletto in a world of flats, 2021

Documentary film
Director and DOP

Ikke synd på mamma, 2021

Short film

De svakeste blant oss, 2021

Documentary film
Co-producer and cinematographer in collaboration with Karoline Frogner.

Løvetannsøstre, 2021

Documentary project
Director and Cinematographer

Roboten Fixi flytter inn, 2020

Script for theater
Writer in collaboration with Cecilie Holtan.

Vi er alle rwandere – fra folkemord til fornektelse, 2020

Documentary film
Cinematographer in collaboration with Emanuel and Karoline Frogner.

#sustainableliving, 2020

Streetart project

Da kvinnen kom til verden / Misogyny, 2020

Mixed media short film
Co-producer and cinematographer in collaboration with Anne Kjersti Bjørn.

Willy elsker deg / Willy loves you, 2019

Short film

Magic Number Twelve, 2019

Short film
Scriptwriter and Director

Hode, skulder, kne og tå, 2019

Short film

Where the wind touch, 2018

Series of street photos

Perfekte Vegger, 2018

Short film

A place in the sun, 2017

Short film
Scriptwriter and Director

Ei Natt / A night, 2017

Short film

Jakten på et godt liv /
Searching for the good life, 2014 – 2016

A social art project that culminated in a series of photos and art film. In collaboration with Per Kristian Lomsdalen.

Locking doors, hiding and refinding keys, 2013

Installation with 3 videos
Producer, Cinematographer and Editor in collaboration with Elisabeth Werp.

How close is close enough?, 2012

Installation with film, lights and origami flowers in collaboration with Viviann Alexandra Knutsen.

Pop-Up Hub, 2012

A social community project
Facilitator in collaboration with Brock LeMieux and Marte Sootholtet.

Every day is Saturday, 2009

Series of street photos.

A moment of happiness, 2008

Documentary photo series from Iran.

En koffert full av minner, 2008

Based on Gunvor Hofmo’s life
Licensed under Creative Commons 4.0 International

Ekko, 2008

Short film
Producer, Cinematographer and Editor in collaboration with Elisabeth Werp.

Fairytales for children, 2007

Photo series

Metallic Mirrors and Twisted Trees, 2006

Photo series

Børre og Mona, 2006

Short film
Co-director, Cinematographer, and Editor created in collaboration with Odd Geir Sæther.

Time Travel Art Photo 2002

Photo series exhibited at Jernbanetorget metro station, Oslo

Deja vú, 2002

Photo series