Stories I tell to escape my traumas, 2023

Mixed media series – work in progress

“Stories I tell” is a series of images that explore a fictional world of people and places. The images are a part of a fantasy world I created in order to control my surroundings. and not the other way. They are the world I run to when I need to escape the traumas I experienced as a child and grown-up. 

Love is love, 2022

Photo series – work in progress

“Love is love” is a series of images that explore intimate moments between two women. The images are responses to prejudice, shame, and discrimination against queer women.

#sustainableliving, 2020

Streetart project
Exhibited in Grensen, Markeveien, and Torggata in Oslo.

#sustainableliving is a series of photo collages that investigate climate change, waste, sustainability, and decay. Every collage is a tribute to the animals and nature that adapt to human intervention. #sustainableliving tells us: There is no planet B.

Love is love, Oslo Pride 2020

Streetart project
Exhibited in Grønlandsleiret, Kirkegata, Torggata, Youngstorget and Karl Johans gate in Oslo, Norway

Letters: Love is love is a series of photo collages that celebrate Oslo Pride 2020. Since the pride was canceled (due to the coronavirus), I took to the streets to showcase my works.

Life in the time of corona, 2020

Documentary photo series

Life in the time of corona is a photo series created between March 12th and May 31st, 2020. During the COVID pandemic, I started documenting my life under lockdown. Being a freelancer and artist, I was banned from working outside my home for two months. Locked inside my apartment together with my husband and children, in the city center of Oslo, gave me the opportunity to create images I haven’t done before.

Children of the Himalayan nation, 2018

Documentary photo series

Children of the Himalayan nation is a series of photographs from a journey to Nepal in 2018. Whenever I raised my camera, children stopped what they were doing and looked into my lens. 

URBEX: Abandoned but not forgotten, 2018 – ongoing

Documentary photo series

Street art exhibition: A series of photographs exhibited at bus stops and metro stations in Oslo under the celebration of  Oslo European Green Capital 2019.

“Abandoned but not forgotten” is a series of photographs of once inhabited abandoned houses. Their personal items, clothes, and furniture are left behind. The photographs are a way to collect the memories of every person before their prints are gone forever.

Searching for the good life, 2014

Series of portraits exhibited outside during the culture festival “Voices from Sagene”, Oslo.

A social art project that started in 2014 where we arranged workshops every second Sunday for two years (until 2016) that culminated in a series of photographic portraits.

A moment of happiness, 2008

Documentary photo series exhibited outside during Oslo Open 2009.

During the summer of 2008, I traveled to Iran with my camera to document everyday life. I have been curious about Iran for many years and finally had the chance to visit. It was a special experience for me.

Every day is a Saturday, 2008

During the spring and summer of 2008, I started to bring my camera whenever I took the tram.  From the rearmost seat, I photographed people’s feet. It was a way for me to create portraits without showing their faces. It gives the viewer the possibility to create their own stories about who the subject is.

Fairytales for children, 2007

Photo series

Since I was a young child I had a very creative imagination. Telling my friends stories that they considered lies or illusions. For a long time, I believed in unicorns, witches, and wizards. When I realized there were no such things in our contemporary world, I became depressed. The series “Fairytales for children” is about the world that disappeared in front of my very eyes and my longing for it.

Deja vú, 2002

Photo series

The series Deja vù consists of 15 polaroids where I entered the mind of Helen 4 years old, and documented my life and surroundings as the young me. The photos are a peek into the life of a child living in Oslo, Norway in 2002.

Exhibited at Grafill, 2003.